Great race! Close to 60 degrees, a little warm for me. I decided to wear the Camelbak - I'm glad I did. I didn't drink a whole lot but the 3 or 4 sips were perfect and I think gave me an edge as the small group I was sticking with most of the way began to fade after the trek up to Castle Point, What a Climb! Water just doesn't cut it. (I had 20 oz. of Powerade)

What a hilly course. You're either running up or down most of the way. Going out to Lake Awosting is mostly up hill. I mean like 1 to 2 mile long inclines with a few steep sections! I fell behind a little there and didn't catch several of the people that passed me at about Mile 3 until about Mile 10.

The route is well marked but with no mile markers. It is right about 12.5 miles. I had to guess by my time about how far to go. I uncorked a little premature on the way back to Minnewaska, not realizing there was about 1 mile more than I thought. It worked out though and I actually wound up enjoying not knowing, It made me push harder a little earlier and that helped me with my time. It was slower than I wanted, but close enough.

Overall I was 18th with 1hr 31 min and 17 sec. (4th in 40-49 group) I recommend you emulate Jack Benny, stay 39, and out of this group. I'm 41 and stuck with these seasoned animals for a while!

The race director was fantastic. All great people. I had some hot soup at the finish and a little A.R.T. from Dr. Ness. I would definitely run this again.

Hope you REAL runners had a great time at the WAG.