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True Story....I was leading the right facing corner at Moores a bunch of years ago. I was inthe crux curtain and it was thin. I was vaguely aware that there were cars stopping on the bridge and people saying things about how crazy we were. The next thing I know I hear a very obnoxious drunken male voice coming from a car window shout "I hope you fucking FALL and DIE!!!!". Tires screeched and the engine raced and they were gone. The voice was definitely a grown man, not a teenager or young adult.

I wasn't exactly mad or upset, but the oddness of it really made me lose concentration and I almost had to hang on a screw just to bring myself back to what I was doing. I remember topping out with some good moss sticks and mumbling to myself...."oh yeah..well I hope you eat a lot of greasy potato chips watching Nascar and have a massive coronary in your livingroom"


Seriously though, who does that?

I used to get a lot of crap like that when I rode my road bike a lot. I would sometimes yell "I love you" or blow kisses to idiots like that. It really messes with their heads.