Yep, what everyone said. I still snag my pants leg near the ankle now and again when highstepping on a move, but the days of outright big tears are pretty much over. Lerning to walk normally in crampons is probably akin to learnign to walk normally in heels. Takes a bit of getting used to, and you can tell right away when someone hasn't done it much. One thing I would say differently than the others is to buy cheap gaiters. They are the expendable part of the system. You want to protect your pants. i wouldn't spend the money on goretex, kevlar lined bulletproof $100 gaiters. You're going to wreck them. Get the cheapo 30 or 40 dollar pair and you won't be so annoyed when you do rip them. iactually don't wear gaiters anymore unless snow condiions warrant it. But when I do break them out you'll see that they are more duct tape then gaiter.