Franky, Hunter has lots of trees, tens of thousands of them.LOL
On the other hand the commercial ski area only allows tree skiing on a very small portion of the mountain. "The MIlky Glade" off of "Milky Way" may be the only formal glade skiing at Hunter.

A hardcore Hunter devotee would propose that there is certainly some fine tree skiing side country at Hunter. But, be cautious, Hunter has a strong rep for cutting tickets of those caught poaching the king's lumber.

Now for the real Hunter experience, use nearly any other state foot trail to the summit or adjacent ridges and you'll have lots of glades, single track foot trails, an old jeep road, steeps, gullys etc.

I've no idea how good conditions are at the moment, probably hard and crusty off the groom.

Trees at Bellearye were just coming in to shape though only two of their formal glades were "open" last Friday before the big rains. Snow totals throughout the Catskills were spotty at best.