Catskill BC update. FM and I skied Tremper today from the Phonecia side. The PA is plowed. Coverage is not as good as expected. Though the Catskill ski resorts are boasting 8 inches or more per day of natural over the past few days, plus the "18" from the Wednesday storm, very little of that made it to Tremper's north side. Eight inches total if lucky with a few deeper drifts. Wind scouring has taken place from both the southerly and northerly winds since the storm. This trail needs every inch of snow to fill in the trail which is rather like a narrow talus slope at times from all the rocks. We dodged said rocks and such all the way down. There is currently a snow shoe/ski track to the top offering three miles of travel up with 2000 ft of elevation loss on the return. Another foot of snow would go along way towards opening up this otherwise great ski run. Odds are strong that trails further north offer better coverage from the lake effect squalls that have been hitting over the past few days. Enjoy, RC