Saturday, Jan. 29 found our group of five (four on boards, one with paws) on Bear Den Mt. just south of Prattsville in the northern Cats. The site of a now defunct ski area once known as the Princeton Ski Area in the Bear Den State Forest. This hill gets plenty of snow. The 9.24 mile ski tour ascends the old access road up to the ridge, then follows the ridge for another 2.5 miles to the summit area. From there a complex network of old tote roads, ski trails, snowmobile tracks, herd paths and such lead off in multiple directions. Without much beta, we opted for a return down the up track with a few short sessions of glade play on the return. If they get more snow up on top, we'll be skiing in the tree canopy. Over all this area offers lots of opportunity for both "groomed" trail skiing on snowmobile traveled trails and far more glade skiing than any other hill I've seen in the Cats.