Welle, The defunct downhill area, Ski Minne is the Peterskill climbing venue. The current visitor center and parking lot was the site of the "lodge"( now gone). The old lift served trails are a little grown over but exit the parking area to the west and head down right to creekside.

The longer and steeper slabs off the north end of Overcliff Rd would be very good with the base we have now. There is some blowdown out there but you've a longer approach along the groomed carriage road. You've the old Minnewaska Trail Carriage Rd a hundred yards downhill. This is a nice return run to Coxing or up to the groomed Laurel Ledge CR.

Current off trail conditions are suffering under this sleet layer has set up into a variable crust, and more sleet and mixed precipt is expected tomorrow.

With two months of winter left, we're sure to get more pow conditions, and then they'll be all that base turning to spring corn.

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