Julie posted this over on mountainproject.com. Prehaps it should be put on the front page?


Due to nesting peregrine falcons, the section of the Trapps cliff between the routes Beginner's Delight (5.3) and Triangle (5.9) is temporarily closed to rock climbing.

This is the Mac Wall, and Guide's wall (Beginner's, Minty, Mme G's), V3, and just before Middle Earth.

- Do not use ascent trails or rappel routes that access this area.
- Do not use the section of the cliff base climber's trail between these routes.
- Please refrain from excessive noise making while in the vicinity of this closure.

Thanks to Jannette from the GCC for sending this out.

The closure this year is really big, I'm a little bummed. I'm sure it's justified and all that. I'm just sayin'.
It's true, I have a blog. http://climbandpunishment.blogspot.com/