I found a pair of Mad Rock shoes yesterday at Uberfall between Horseman and Retribution. It was getting dark and no one was around, so I was unsure what to do. Anyway... I have them now but would like to get them back to their owner.

The shoes are practically brand new. I wouldn't be surprised if yesterday was their first day of use. Anyway, if you are able to identify your missing shoes (size, color, and if they are velcro or laced), I will gladly get them back to you. I am not very likely to check this site too often... so just call me at 401-206-6660.

Also, this appears to be the only forum on Gunks.com that I am allowed to post in. I don't know if this is the best place to try to find the owner. Any suggestions on where else to post would be appreciated.

~ Gabe