I added a nut/sling/biner to anchor just right of Tequila Mockingbird on Sunday. The anchor is above the roof on PT Call Home and is still not great, one very rusty pin, one pretty rusty pin and a .5 tri cam whose sling is white with rigor-mortis. There's old tat combing, a newer sling draped through rings from pin to pin and my nut and sling. I did not have my knife else I'd have made it right.

We rapped that route three times after TM, Dry Martini and then again after doing Land's End (which has a terrible P1 anchor). On the last time down we passed a party with leader thirty feet above belayer on P2 of TM. It was crazy to see that their "anchor" was primarily a .25 (black) tri-cam with an oh by the way back up to one of the pins. The leader went about fifteen feet before placing a piece above the belay, risking a thirty plus foot factor two fall onto a single inadequate anchor point that would almost certainly have failed in turn shock loading the pin which had a good foot or more of slack between it and belayer. YIKES!