I don't recall enough about these particular anchors to have a valid opinion, about the issues in this particular case, but...

After screwing it up initially, the Preserve quickly realized that placing bolts to eliminate the proliferation of deteriorating and unsightly rap anchors would end up being a never-ending task that would eventually bolt the entire cliff. What they turned to was the idea that a few well-positioned rap descent routes would serve the entire cliff and keep things from building up willy-nilly everywhere.

The idea makes sense, but doesn't seem to be working out in practice. Perhaps there aren't enough established bolted rap lines, or perhaps climbers will just never stop fabricating convenience anchors, with an extremely high standard of convenience being the norm; basically, as soon as I stop the delectable crux climbing on my route, I want to be able to rap immediately directly back to where I left my pack.

Ironically, the established rap lines appear to be falling into the same category as walking back along the top; too difficult, too time-consuming, and too inconvenient to utilize. Would things get any better if more bolted rap lines were added? It is hard to say, but I think that unless climbers begin to agree not to poop slingage all over the cliffs, there is little reason to be optimistic.

The existence of even substandard rap anchors seems to blind some parties to alternatives. This twig has slings on it, therefore we should rap here, and if the twig doesn't appear to be sturdy enough, then what we have is a rap anchor that needs to be improved, as opposed to one that need to be dismantled.

There is no intrinsic right to have a rap station where you want it. The cliff had virtually no raps stations anywhere for twenty or thirty years and somehow people managed to get up and down their climbs. Now the discussion is framed in terms of which stations are "essential."

The best way climbers could honor the Preserve's mission and the climbing traditions that have made the Gunks one of a dwindling number of trad crags in the US is to take the sternest possible view of added rap stations and cut most of them down.