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Kathy, I wondered the same a few weeks ago (and walked off as usual). Next day I met a guy/guide named Jason? who was discussing anchor replacement with Paul Curran; I brought up the new Betty wires, and Paul said it was a "french weave" and is safe. Jason said he knew who'd been installing those, and intended to have a word with him.

I try to keep an eye on the Urusla anchor, but haven't been up there yet this year. Anyone?

It may be safe, but the loose ends need to be oriented away from the rap rings and perhaps wrapped with duct tape to keep them from further fraying and poking potential users. It's a fairly unattractive arrangement, and I wonder if the pair of steel cables will do more damage to the tree than a soft nylon sling would.

Ursula may be one spot where cables might be beneficial, if they can fit around the pinch point in the rocks. Seems the nylon bits there are often frayed from the sharp rock. Haven't been on it yet this year.