These cable anchors must take a relatively high amount of effort to install. Whoever is putting them in surely means well, maybe we could find out who it is and engage in a civil discussion about where they belong and where they don't?

When did that Baby anchor go in? I don't remember it being there the last time I was on Baby, but that was probably in 2008 or 2009... I agree there isn't a need for it there as the City Lights chains are just a few feet away and the walkoff is even better. With all that loose crap on top of Baby and crowds below, rapping there is just a bad idea.

Last weekend I did Shit or Go Blind & No Picnic and there is a steel cable anchor on the tree there as well. It looked to be a relatively recent installation, and it was put in with transparent tubing around the cable so that the cable can be visually inspected for wear. That location, just left of the Gerdie Block, is obviously another place where topping out and walking off is pretty easy to do, but I was happy to have the convenience anchor, which isn't visible from the ground.
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