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When did that Baby anchor go in? I don't remember it being there the last time I was on Baby, but that was probably in 2008 or 2009... I agree there isn't a need for it there as the City Lights chains are just a few feet away and the walkoff is even better. With all that loose crap on top of Baby and crowds below, rapping there is just a bad idea.

The Baby, Betty, and Classic cliff-top anchors come and go with some regularity.

I think the crucial point is this: how can we communicate to all the people who climb Betty and Baby, but don't check this board daily, or know the cliff like the back of their hand, that there are preferable options nearby?

If we - 'we' who chop anchors - don't take steps in that direction, the anchors will reappear. On the other hand, if 'we' attempt to organize traffic, perhaps we could do some good.

Seth has a good point, that the anchors take some effort to install, and presumably that's good faith effort on behalf of the whole climbing community. Chopping those anchors without further ado is spitting in the face of that good faith effort.

Perhaps some kind of laminated card (which I think is a previously used strategy) where the old anchor was?

Just a thought.