I purchased the e-version of the eastern PA section and i was disappointed with it and wont be buying the full version.

i purchased the eastern part of the book basically for 2 crags: PA side of the water gap and ralph stover state park.

i will say that the mt minsi section is great and so far those are the only pages of the book that i have printed out and used.

the ralph stover sp section is the part of the guidebook that is most disappointing for me. the author mentions "Well over 100 routes, not including routes at nearby crags that are part of the same ridge, with grades ranging from 5.0 to 5.12d" for this area but only puts 20 in the book and lists 2 other (out of print) guidebooks that you should purchase if you want to know what the rest of the routes at the cliff are like.

i dont see the point in only mentioning less than 1/4 of the routes in an area. makes me wonder what else is missing from this guide book. so much for the "first comprehensive guidebook for Pennsylvania"

Edit: The falcon guide Rock Climbing New Jersey has more routes listed for stover than the PA guide does and Mountain Project has double the amount of route info on stover for free.

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