That seemed simple enough. Thank you RR. If everyone else is game.......

On the initial thread Kent recently posted:

"At the same time Mohonk Preserve members shouldn't expect ordinary taxpayers, those who are not MP members, to subsidize their recreational opportunities."

But aren't these same ordinary taxpayers also subsidizing the preservation and conservation of their local resources in addition to the varied recreational activities.

Today's taxpayers have had little to say about how tax breaks were awarded to non-profits. However, over the decades their elected officials have had much to do with it at all levels. As long as the tax law allows these exemptions, we should expect the non-profits to take advantage of these lawful breaks.

That is really the bigger issue, the availability of these tax breaks to non-profits. Tuesday's newspaper released a list of non-profits that recently lost their federal non-profit status. Over 400 organizations in Orange, Ulster, and Sullivan Counties. The list was very enlightening and equally surprising. If these changes are upheld, local communities will follow suit and reap the benefits of additional tax dollars.

BTW, none of the trusts in question were on the list.