I think I understand the many concerns that locals have as well as the desire of many to preserve as much open space as possible. I think the bottom line is quality of life. For me, the opportunity to live next to such a recreational a visual resource as the preserve would well out-weigh any monetary concerns about my wallet.
I don't say that lightly, as we all want to prosper and take care of any family as best as we can. That is a vital driving force for the betterment of everyone and the reason why capitalism will always bring everyone to the highest level they can function at. In this case, Gardiner property values have risen steadily, especially after 9/1/1, and you will not get as much property for your money as if you were to purchase on the west side of the ridge. You will not be able to sell the land for developement. That is reality. The benefits are still appreciable and for me would be worth it.