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Soloing was much more common when I first started...Many very good climbers could be seen at times soloing

The summer of '85, the summer Clune and Gruenberg had their little tete-a-tete to solo the superclassics (Foops, Open Cockpit, Supercrack, Yellow Wall), everyone was soloing. Bachar's buzz was all over the mainstream media (Outside mag cover).

I happened to be in a group who talked to Jeff right after he soloed the Yellow Wall. One of those weird days of a million synchronicities.

I was in Slime talking to the Aussies who were passing around the Outside issue with Bachar. I tagged along with Louise Shepherd ("Come along with us, you'll get pumped"; what a sweetheart) and Geoff Weigand: Nurse's Aid warm-up (sheesh), Wasp Stop (short-person's crux: she sandbagged him), The Sting. Raffa shows up, suggests they go to NH to try Tourist Treat, after Lynn had worked the FFA. Clune shows up to take pics. Frank Minnuni shows up to try on on-sight with a pair of out-of-the-box Kalma's (Clune's Gunks Select pic). I'm in total fly-on-the-wall mode.

We head back to the Uberfall, hook up with Kim Carrigan, when Jeff comes back down the carriage road with nothing but his shoes and chalk-bag. Carrigan complains to him about some 12- being a sandbag, then asks Jeff where he'd been. "Uh, soloing the Yellow Wall." Not bragging, just reporting.

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