Three of us were climbing Pas De Deux when he started up Frog's Head. He climbed up a bit and waited for another party to rap down, then climbed up with his sneaker boots on. I figured it was probably not his first time on the route and that he knew where he was going. After he moved through that lower crux, I expected him to pretty much cruise to the top, but he didn't. he stopped at the first belay chains and seemed in no hurry to finish. He spent some time looking up at the second pitch but didn't opt to try. I wondered if he was second-guessing his decision to third class the route in his sneaker-boots.
After a while, my partner wanted to ask him if he wanted any help. I had been discouraging him from talking to the guy as he was kind of aloof. I felt like I didn't want to embarass him or steal his mojo somehow. I felt it was important not to undermine any of that confident feeling a soloist must keep alive in order to keep alive. The guy had moved right through that lower crux after all. On the one hand, I wanted to give the guy the benefit of the doubt, but on the other, I didn't want anyone to die for their vanity's sake. Pride cometh before the fall, as they say. I relented and my buddy just called up casually, "Want a rope?"
Predictably he declined. Soon after he traversed over to Maria, but inexplicably kept traversing around the arete past Maria looking for a way up in the munge. Having traversed out of sight, out of mind, I was a little surprised when he reappeared later on back on the GT ledge above Frog's Head. He eventually traversed all the way over to the Easy O ledge.
Holy smokes, that has to be harder than finishing Frog's Head. Go figure. Kudos, though I gotta say I was a little worried for him when he started gunning for Easy O.

Donald is bald, right? This guy had a full head of hair.