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I once tended bar at an event for the Weyerhauser family. Good guys, many thoughtful and sensitive, and one of them asked me how I liked Seattle when I mentioned I'd lived there.

I said, with all due respect, the Cascades are trashed, that there were few days in my life more depressing than driving through miles of clear-cuts before entering the old growth rainforest island that is now Rainier.

One of them said, "We plant three trees for every one we take out."

I said, "But how do you replace a 10,000 year-old ecosystem?"

They just looked at me.

With all due respect, hasn't hunting also extirpated many species and complete ecosystems. I was surprised to read that the Eastern Cougar Foundation is in favor of hunting these animals. Sounds like a front to a sport hunting group to me.
The MPNA is an advocacy group for adjacent neighbors of the Mohonk Preserve. In the event of a dispute with the Mohonk Preserve, we can offer assistance in obtaining experts in the following areas; Surveying, Lawyers, Title, expert witnesses, ancient document research, and Maps.