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Do you carry two of them? Id recommend a knot variation like the Klemheist before I started carrying mechanical devices heavier than a TiBloc.

You only need 1 and still use a cord/sling for the second one. Now lighter Gri Gri 2 are actually pretty nice to carry on multi-pitch climbs (not in the mountains of course, but at a crag).

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Not true at all. They are quite effective and workable, and super light to carry. Recall the number of big walls that were done with prusiks on the FA.

Have you prusiked on a wet rope in a rain or on iced up rope?

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Being efficient is mostly a matter of knowing how to set up the right length slings.

True. I also find that I have to readjust the number of wraps on my autoblock (for rappels) depending on how skinny/fat the rope is (I'm used to skinny so I tend to overwrap) I suspect that would be the case for ascending too, then you'll have to readjust the length of the foot sling too, no?