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OK, I can see you still .....

I rock climb when its below 32F. My second attempt on the Terminator ( a 5.12c tips crack at a little known crag called the Waterfall in Arizona) was with absolutely wooden fingers but I still climb with rock shoes. For that I used my normal shoes, but I also have an older pair of insulated Boreal Ninjas for when it gets really cold (like on Cayesh in Peru ( http://images.summitpost.org/original/198285.jpg ). I'll use leather boots for ice climbing but thats it, don't hike in them, don't like to climb in them. I'm even migrating to Fruitboots this year for ice and mixed climbing.

As for pushing it. A lot of people are pushing it day in and day out. I am climbing with a guy who after going out a couple of trad climbs we just put him on hard stuff. The first route I ever put him on was Swedlin Ringle- and he was leading (easy 5.12a at Indian Creek). The second route I put him on was Rubys Cafe (that one he only followed the first time he got on it). That is only easy 5.13a/5.12dish. I'll post a video of him on Red Planet (an overhanging 5.13 ring lock route)at some point. He neveer says take, but just climbs until he falls.

Funny thing about the internet. You don't know your audience, since your audience is everyone.

Rick, I agree with you that the piece on Alex Honnold was awesome.

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