I was told be a very reliable source that Kent approached the Mohonk Preserve to sell parts of his property. These parts extend out like fingers into the Mohonk Preserve Property, and are of no value, except to the Preserve. It was after Mohonk expressed to Kent that they had no interest in purchasing these parcels that Kent started his anti-Preserve campaign.

What this implies to me, seeing that all his arguments are based on nothing, is that Kent has been employing "strong arm tactics" against the Preserve with arguments that he knows have no validity in an effort to become such a publicity nuisance with losses in support and income that the Preserve will purchase these properties just to stop Kent from using his "strong arm tactics" cutting off accesses to the South Side of the Near Trapps etc.

I believe that Kent has been using me, you, his neighbors, the Town of Garndenier, and those who argue with him and read his posts or have been cut off from accessing the Nears only for the purpose of crating financial pressure on the Preserve in the hopes that they will cave in and buy these fingers of property from him.

That we have been duped into buying the story that Kent we should believe a lie that he has an argument. This makes sense in that this would be the reason why he says there is nothing he wants from us so we may cross over under the Near Trapps. Rather he wants something from the Preserve, he wants to make money and he thinks he has found a smart way to do it.

This kind of behavior represents one who is a Wolf in Sheep's clothing. Those who cooperate with this kind of behavior are criminals. Thanks but no thanks to that, I would rather walk around the Near Trapps. Those who do these acts need to repent to God, to the Town of Gardenier, their neighbors, the Preserve, the Smileys and us, for using us as pawns in these devilish games where there are financial losses. People believe these things, I have talked to some people who have stopped supporting the Preserve based on Kent's lies. Kent has been successful in hurting the Preserve and causing them financial loss.

Keep the Trapps closed, we like it like that, it's much better this way, now that we know what is really behind all this. And tell your friends that they need to be ashamed of themselves too, they are no different then you are.

The right thing to do would have been truthful all along. Then at least I could have some respect for you. But rather then do that you decided to sell your soul to the Devil, you lied, you slandered, you cheated, and you robbed from us whatever you could so you could line your pockets with money.

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The Mohonk Mountain House and the Mohonk Preserve have done a great job protecting the environment thus far, but ... it's all down hill from here http://youtu.be/9AU8fMo8v4k.