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Here's a line from the above recipe that the late George Carlin took to task:

1. Preheat oven to 350F

Why not write, "Heat the oven to 350F"?

Because Carlin was too dumb to realize they mean different things.

Huh? Are there recipies written where you put your food in a cold oven? I'm no chef, but I'm pretty sure every recipe I've ever seen called for putting the food into an oven that's at cooking temperature, not something that's still warming up.

Yes, there are, in particular certain types of baking. There are also some cooking vessels that cannot handle the stress of going into a hot oven. For example, I would not want to put my pizza stone into a 500F oven, but I'd certainly want to put my pizza on a pre-heated stone in a pre-heated oven.