Glad the thread almost got back on track... I was going to suggest to Evan to move it to the "Cooking" section.(On the other hand, maybe this thread belongs in the "Hunting" section...)

This morning, after two hours of sitting still and being really proud of myself for doing so, I got bored and picked up my phone to email a hunting friend to tell him how eerily quiet the woods were, when half-way through getting it written, a really healthy four pointer was sniffing at the doe estrus juice I has sprayed on a log ten yards away from me. The perfect shot. He never saw me. As I was putting my phone down, with too much sudden adrenaline flowing through my body, I clunked it on my range finder hanging on my side, like an idiot. Obviously, he heard that noise and looked straight up at me, then trotted away, while I watched, in utter disbelief.

You can't make this shit up.

Later, he came back and was flirting with a doe at 60 yards. It was very fun scene to watch. She displayed no interest and kept stumping her foot down as soon as he'd try to get closer. Two other does where at 50 yards, in the other direction. Eventually, they all left.

Another half hour passed and I decided to shoot a tree stump for practice (and to relieve some of the pent up tension for my major mistake) before heading out. I changed my arrow, took my shot, and then noticed that behind me, ten yards away, were two does watching me. There I was, staring at them back, with no arrow on my bow.

Again, you can't make this shit up as nobody would believe it.
It's hard to be a rookie sometimes... crazy

RR: I'm all for a venison cooking contest (even if I'm not the cook, my better half is). So, what's the big prize?