I made opening day at Bellearye yesterday.

With the late start to the season, one would think they'd have all the quirks worked out. However, all but one computer went down, so all ticket sales went through one machine. It took 35 minutes for them to service the 23 people on line ahead of me.

Then once out on the one half of one trail (Onteora), they started releasing "small" groups of racers out onto the trail from the pre-season race clinics they were holding at the lodge. After a short while, the small groups of racers became a near constant stream of kids bombing down at speed, with their coaches chasing along yelling "slow down". This all made for a very crowded trail as folks picked their way down.

Snow surface was machine powder on one side of the rail, icy crust through the middle, and golfball sized chunks on the other side. But, all in all, the ski season has begun.

Nothing at all in the BC, but the ground is now freezing up, so we can expect the lake effect squalls to start accumulating till we get a real dumping.