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Which is fine if you are OK with leaving an unattended anchor and $$ gear a few minutes of easy hiking from a lake that attracts a lot of people who are mostly non-climbers.

A few minutes? It's not even a few minutes for a fit bicyclist, much less the typical tourist, who will probably need an hour or more. In any case, it is exceptionally rare for the hikers to leave the trail and bushwack down to the cliff edge (I would have said never, but I suppose there must be some examples.) If they did make their way to the climber's trail along the cliff edge, they will absolutely never venture over the edge to any of the places one would set up gear anchors.

Over the years, rappel lines have been left at the cliff edge while parties were climbing below and have never been disturbed either. So the idea that some walker will steal gear left as an anchor on the top is just not an issue.

There is absolutely no access problem whatsoever at Millbrook if the standard rap tree becomes unusable, and rap bolts at Millbrook, in addition to being totally unnecessary, would be utterly contrary to everything the cliff has come to represent.