I wrote: "...I did it to scare people with frightening lifelike plastic insects. Later on I was blamed and became the Chain Fairy."

No, I was the first one to do that that I know of. I only did it on about 10 climbs all at the same time, they were around 5.9-5.11. It seemed like a good idea at the time, some new challenges for the Gunks, who could get the gear in and who would bail. But they were plastic spiders and bugs with big eyes that I put in places where you would see them while you were trying to place gear on tough moves. "Later on" ... I meant it to be understood very close to the present tense of later on. So close that perhaps I should have said "Now". Just call me the Chain Fairy if you wish, I don't care.

Previously I never meant to admit it to anyone. Obviously some people would not find it funny.

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