Things are not the same as they were before, at lest not as I ever remembered them!!!

I have been climbing every weekend all winter long.

Now that it is getting even warmer every weekend we are getting ticks! We went to Millbrook, my son got a tick on his leg, we just found it. My son's girl friend got a tick on the trail and pulled it off her on top of Millbrook. The dogs got ticks on Supper's Ready (you know ... that 5.12a) last week end. That's around 5 ticks already!!!

Better check yourself for ticks every few minutes and right after you walk in the woods, and take all those necessary precautions. Ware white pants and put your socks over your pants when you hike.

If the wound forms a bulls eye that means you have lime, see a doctor if you have any kind of infection, and do not wait or there will be permanent damage to your health.

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The Mohonk Mountain House and the Mohonk Preserve have done a great job protecting the environment thus far, but ... it's all down hill from here