My own experience with lyme was 5 years ago. I found the tiniest "." sized tick behind my knee, removed it intact and took to Orange Cty Health Department. After a quick look under the microscope, they sent it to Albany, and me to First Care for a preventative dose of Doxy. Two days later a phone call to me with the confirmation. Female dear tick and by it's size it was figured it had been on me only 15 hours and it tested positive for Lyme. Now to wait for a symptom. Sure enough, no bull's eye, but about two weeks later, a one day bout of flu symptoms then scary enough, tunnel vision. Back to doctor for a complete cycle of meds. A few relapses over the next three years, exhaustion etc. I've been told that once you get Lyme, you will always test positive, so the tests don't mean much after that first hit. Precautions, diligence, and fingers crossed.