Max, thanks. That seems consistent with Nick's description. This was all on the 1st pitch. He seems to have fallen just before the climbing eases off and you step left to the chains. A fall of 25ft would put one close to the 1st crux roof i.e 10-12ft above the last piece or so with attentive belay and is consistent with that description IIRC. The gear he fell on was placed while he worked the section above the roof, not at the roof itself if I understand this correctly. So no suggestion that gear failed, just failed to clip? Thats very distressing. again, speedy recovery to your friend.

be safe out there.

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Ian, Corey aided through the second crux after several attempts and after taking 2 small falls. Finally, with the advice of the climbing party to the left of us, Corey aided through the crux and pulled above it. Unfortunately he did not clip the nut he had used as a ladder. At this point the piece of gear that he had been hanging off while working the crux was about 10 feet below as he was working up and to the left of the crux (where the fixed chains are) . As he fell he was pendulumed upside down and the back of his head was first to make impact with the rock. He made contact with the rock slightly above and to the right of the first crux.

Like I said, I dont think he had the rope wrapped around his leg which is something that really scares me.


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