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I've scoured the Internet trying to find more info about the modified plans. Nothing is available, not even from NYS parks or state.gov sites. Just the original ~50-ish site PDF. That means either it's being hidden, the plans are not done yet, or it is stalled at some point along the way.

I'm already planning to write Cuomo, Gardiner officials and the PIPC to state my concerns and request information. I wish I could attend a Gardiner meeting, but it's 8 hours round trip for me, not to mention gas and tolls.

This campground is creating a problem for us, we've already invested a lot of time and money for BOH, engineering and architectural services needed to build on our land. We'd hoped for a small, quiet place in the woods. If this campground were to go through in it's bloated incarnation I don't think my other half would want to continue with the process. We have a small child and the last thing we need is a transient, mobile kegger less then a quarter mile away. We'd be taking a loss on the investment, plus losing a dream spot in the forest.

If you haven't talked with Susan you should as she is up to date. Ianmanger has not been to any of the meetings so he really has no clue what is going on. Again it's best to talk to your direct neighbors and get involved. The way it looks to us with the current proposal is that the area is going to be impacted in a negative way.

The MPNA is an advocacy group for adjacent neighbors of the Mohonk Preserve. In the event of a dispute with the Mohonk Preserve, we can offer assistance in obtaining experts in the following areas; Surveying, Lawyers, Title, expert witnesses, ancient document research, and Maps.