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I've never seen nor heard of any changes to the campground proposal since it was shown in the Minnewaska Preserve Master Plan a few years ago.

The proposed Matser Plan, including the campground, was laid out VERY clearly in the Master Plan. The Plan was made available for public review, and an open-to-public meeting was held, with quite a bit of notice. It was all over this board, and in the local newspapers. I attended that meeting, as did quite a large number of others. I think it would be difficult for anyone who is concerned about the goings on in the Gunks to NOT have known about that meeting.

At the meeting, notes were taken on comments by the public. We were also encouraged to write to those in charge during the phase where they were considering the proposed plan and finalizing it, and voice our concerns, after seeing the proposal.
Contact information was provided.

This was maybe 2 or 3 years ago.

Unless Advocacy Group can clearly provide details - with verifiable sources - about changes made to the campsite plan after the Matser Plan was finalized - I would suggest, strongly, that he is talking shit.

As it stands, he has linked what "appears" to be a newspaper article in this thread, with no link or even a notation as to it's source/date.

Post the information about changes set in place since the Mater Plan - or STFU(please).

Very nice terrie....... Mohonk has significantly changed the plans, so get involved, find out for yourself and support the neighbors.

Thanks, MPNA
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