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Ok, before this gets out of hand I am going to see if I can get permission from Susan to post some or all of the docs she sent me.

As far as the change.org petition goes, a simple site search for Gardiner campground would have given the desired result, but seeing as I've located it, I'll share it:


Crimpy, you're getting pretty negative dude. If a chunk of land was sold and turned into a subdivision in proximity to a favorite ascent and made the area unsightly or difficult to enjoy, you'd be "whining" too. We could just say, "So what, we need more housing." just like you think you need more camping space. So quit the condescending remarks, I didn't dig up this old post and start a discussion to pick a fight.

As far as data about the campground goes, this is a government venture and they aren't exactly handing out the information on the street corner shouting, "Extra, Extra, read all about it..."

Nobody's getting spoon-fed here, including me; so if you want more info, start digging and share what you find so we can all make a better decision about the matter.

MPNA, I gotta admit you are a bit of a broken record. You're saying the same things over an over but not contributing. Links, facts, proof and docs please. Let everyone benefit from the knowledge. You're not doing your cause any favors going on as you are.


We can appreciate you trying to play all sides here. Getting screwed is a tough nut to swallow and we're sure you will learn a lot from this process. Having said that we have posted or linked the only documents available online. If this is a public campground why would Mohonk Preserve not have made the documents public? At the various meetings the Mohonk Preserve has not given out maps or any other documents to people who attended the meetings. It's just another way for them to keep your small group separate. Susan also clearly needs more help than she is getting. She has done a great job but this project was started sometime in what 2002 and as a neighbor you are just getting into this? I know quite a few people in that area who ask us what is going on with the campground!!!!! 160 petition signatures? We submitted petitions to MP with over 600. We're not bragging, just showing that she needs help. So if and when you would like our help, we will be there for you. Best of luck.

The MPNA is an advocacy group for adjacent neighbors of the Mohonk Preserve. In the event of a dispute with the Mohonk Preserve, we can offer assistance in obtaining experts in the following areas; Surveying, Lawyers, Title, expert witnesses, ancient document research, and Maps.