I'd rather have a campground than a subdivision. I'm not against the campground. What I do want is reasonable implementation and respect for those who live there.

This seems perfectly reasonable to me. I hope it comes to pass. I'd love to camp in a ground with real sites, real showers and most importantly to me, real quiet.

I have to say: I hope it comes to pass, and doesn't become the usual "my way or the highway" blockade.

I'm also very interested in seeing the actual plan. I'm not interested in sitting for coffee and talking about protesting and letters and signatures and negotiations and endless innuendo; I'm interested in the plan. Does it have a big pavilion for 200+ people rave parties, or not? (I'm guessing 'not').

I've googled and seen the same things you guys have: a 50-site campground with some basic facilities.

Guilford, I do need to ask: are you a climber? Presumably you at a minimum knew you were buying land near the MUA, which is very close to the new site.