Guiford Gang, I stated writing to comment on this:

I can understand resentment against weekenders, they try to influence policy in a place they arent real residents of. They generally try to make it more like where they are from, rather than enjoying the place for what it is.

1) Assuming you pay taxes in Gardiner, you are not a guest there. You have a stake in the outcome, unlike many on this board. I'd also disagree that

2) I suspect owner/weekenders in that area are more likely to try to limit growth. Its their getaway place, they need little and can bring it with them. They generally aren't trying to make a living or a short term profit from the area as a local business owner might.

This is a public board. You are not a guest (of ours) here either rather we are all guests of the owner.

The animosity of this group towards MPNA and AG has little to do with the any issue. It is their insistence that climbers should unite against the preserver for their benefit. And more importantly as you have seen the way they go about it. As you noted the do their cause a disservice alienating much of the climbing community on this board against them rather than gaining support for their cause, regardless of whether it is legitimate.

To AG pretty sure this site was started primarily as a climbing web site. That's why there is Climbing Discussion and GCC in the primary choices, why there used to be route grades and climbing tips etc on it, and why its primary advertisers were directly or indirectly affected by the climbing community. Heck its why you and MPNA have been here to get climber support.