This has gotten out of hand. Just one of the troubles with the 'net and anonymity on forums. I'd like to respond to some of the posts here but there's too much to cover. I'm creating a Facebook group to continue the discussion. Here's the idea and requirements:

This group is for the local community to discuss the Shawangunk Gateway Campground, its development, and the effects on the community. All are welcome to join who have a direct interest in the campground, including local administration, the PIPC, neighbors, climbers, campers and more.

In order to join the group, please message one of the admins. You must use your real name in the group for posting and state your interest in the project, i.e. hiker, resident, camper, PIPC admin, climber, etc...

Keep it civil.

No name calling, trolling, or foul language.

Do not misrepresent who you are or your reason for joining.

Feel free to head on over, I'd really like to see the discussion continue there in a civil manner. Hopefully most everybody has a facebook account. I'll be posting anything I can dig up about the subject on that group.

Thanks to everyone that has joined the discussion here, and the site for the venue. I won't be posting anything else here.

Facebook group: Shawangunk Gateway Campground

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