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280+ person pavilion. As per the last meeting....

To set things straighter AG ever will: the docs I saw include the same very small pavilion as before, as posted in the 2009 plans linked above.

Most of what I saw is the neighbors looking for very specific, and mostly fairly reasonable, rules and/or limits on the campground. It didn't look like the proposing groups had basically gotten around to being that specific yet, or at least from what I saw. It's unfortunate that this has already gotten to lawyers.

Separately, the plans also call for the possibility of up to 4 events of 300+ (this number seemed to grow with each iteration, and I'm not sure why) person gatherings, only to be held by the MP or the AAC, and which would end by 10 pm.

I tend to agree with their point that any group looking to host a 300+ person event ... really needs to find another space to do it in, and those spaces do already exist, that doesn't land in a bunch of backyards. Can you imagine a 300+ person gathering at the MUA? I think the neighbors are also worried about the precedent of allowing bigger MP/AAC events there, and whether that could eventually lead to private parties.

I can only cross my fingers that an agreement is reached that satisfies the neighbors, and that the campground comes to pass.