The accident was on Easy Keyhole. I was belaying a climber on Black Fly at the time. I was glad to have a guide with our group because i almost forgot about my climber when the accident happened and he reminded me i still had a climber on belay and needed to get him to the ground safely.

A girl fell when their top rope anchor failed. They said she was about 15 feet up but judging by the beta we were hearing we thought she was higher. We couldn't actually see where she was at the time though. She was climbing not being lowered when it happened.

I think they said they had webbing girth hitched around the tree at the top. Nobody seemed sure what part of it failed, a knot or a the webbing itself. Someone in my group said they thought they saw a tear in the webbing a couple inches from the knot. It all came down with the fall though. The ranger found an unlocked lockerbiner near the tree at the top but was unsure if it came from their anchor.

The girl was in pretty bad shape but still conscious but that seemed to be fading. She may have had a neck injury as her group was focusing on keeping her neck stable.
The rangers were there pretty quickly with a backboard and neck brace to get her to the ambulance that was waiting at the road by the bridge.

This was my first weekend climbing outdoors and this serves as a good reminder to keep anchors redundant and not get complacent.

I really hope she pulls through and ends up ok.