This month, I'm laying the groundwork for a number of software changes to the site. These will include layout/graphic changes, and also some functional changes to the site. Among the changes I have in mind are these:

  • Calendar of upcoming events
  • lost & found (multiple lost & found listings) appear in forum and main page
  • searchable user profiles (will include your recent climbs, tick list, when you climb, whether you're looking for partners, etc)
  • multi-platform (mobile) compatibility
  • social networking integration (perhaps)
  • Upgrade of the current forum software
  • Better photo submission/display

While I'm pondering and creating these changes, I'd like to hear from you folks about changes you'd like to see. Before you comment, I'd also like to mention that I'll also be make some "operational" changes to the forums, moderating more regularly to make the boards more useful, and less of a "school cafeteria"-level of discourse, if you know what I mean. There will also be more regular front page content, which I hope will give you all more to talk about and more facts behind the stories.

Thanks for your feedback.

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evan marks
I wish I could read every post...