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All along you have done exactly what we have wanted. Take the campground issue.

So pretty much an entire online community not believing a word you type was a goal of your fiendish plan? That's pretty funny.
Actually, I'm going to give you credit for (almost) doing the right thing. You posted in the right place, largely stayed on topic, and if you could have been just a little less evasive with backing up your statements, you might have gotten an A. But instead your usual dickish alter ego raised its ugly head. You were so close....

And then skl came in and gave a calm, reasonable explanation of where things stood. And folks, me included, said thanks. See how classy that was, and compare it with your own efforts.

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Likewise, for all the spaying you do that is grossly misrepresented, all those posts will be used by us.

yeah, I'm not sure what this means. I'm sure you'll enlighten us.