Well, 5.easy of some sort. And yes, the walk-off is short and easy, although a party that isn't competent on loose terrain, once they are over the top, can rain pebbles and bigger stuff down on parties below, making it questionable whether people should be encouraged to go all the way on this climb.

Once you are on top, I think there might be an option to rappel Baby, just to the South, or you can just walk a short distance North over to the multi-bolted ledge I mentioned above, in addition to walking back to the Uberfall or Radcliffe. If the party has a single rope and has to do two rappels, than it is probably faster, and at least no slower, to walk back to the Uberfall and then back to the base of Son of Easy O.

And of course, there is the possibility of climbing down the 5.0 Easy Overhang. BITD we all just soloed down it, but it can be downclimbed with protection too.