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Why Dana? Really? How about because 99% of people lower off of that manky sling salad. Is that more appealing to you than a set of bolted rap anchors? Im well aware that you can walk around but alot of people don't. People run Son of easy o as one pitch and rap from that poor excuse of a rap station. It's a safety issue as it stands now and the bolts would be hidden behind the overhang. It seems like a no brainer but i guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion. TrappDyke i agree. I talk alot about these issues but never act on it. I will stop by the visitors center next time im up and find out about filing a formal request. Maybe even start a petition

I really hope you're just trolling. Out of curiosity, where do you live, and how long have you been climbing at the Gunks?

I ask because you seem to be totally clueless about things like local consensus, the history of fixed gear at the Gunks, and the myriad issues involved. In short, if you want productive action, and not massive drama, you're going about things in exactly the wrong way.