I don't think he's trolling -- I think this (desire) is the obvious progression from the appearance of bolted anchors where fixed anchors once were (or weren't).

I agree with Seth: I'd rather see the current crap disappear than have a fixed anchor there. You can still run P1 and P2 together - an anchor doesn't make that different. It just makes what you do after that different, and if you're any kind of experienced enough, you can handle it. If you're not experienced enough to efficiently handle it -- time to learn.

The biggest problem, though, is that lowering off of it requires a 70m rope. I know, that's the future of climbing and all (eye roll icon here), but -- around here, that's really begging for an accident. This is not a cutting edge sport area where 70m ropes are de rigeur. People would see a fixed pair of bolts, clip & lower.

I disagree, though, with the "this is consensus, don't question it" lashing. First, "consensus" is an ever-evolving thing, and convincing someone to keep the current consensus current requires ideas and reasons, not just "this is the way it is". Second, it's a private area, and we don't get a say over bolted anchors, so there's no sense in bringing out the drama over it. The Preserve will do ... what they want.