Go climb love a good troll but no I'm serious. This is a highly used station and it is unsafe. We can talk all day about topping out and 4th class decent or a 5.2ish traverse but the fact remains that most just don't use it. The way i see it there are 2 options one is to remove all mank pitons and cams and force the top out or create a safe alternative. Not a local I grew up in the Bolton Landing/ Lake George region and spend most of my time climbing in keene Valley. Im not a local climber. I've never bolted a route. What drama do you speak of. This is an internet forum about the Gunks. Is there a better way to discuss issues among climbing masse? Trust me I'm not the first one who has thought about this nor am i the last. where does local consensus matter? Its a private land preserve not State run. What history do you speak of would this be the first bolted achor? C'mon man be real