Hi all,

Sorry for the slow response to a direct request for clarification above (and apologies in advance for any future delays—I'm not able to check in as often as I'd like). The proposals from the group I'm involved with haven't asked that the pavilion be deleted from the plan. Rather, they've asked only for limits on public events at the pavilion—especially ones bringing non-campers to the site—including their size, frequency, etc. That was true in our initial proposals last year, and continues to be true in our most recent proposal (late March—available on the Facebook page mentioned upthread).

There are different opinions about this. A town official mentioned the possibility of deleting the pavilion at the meeting preceding our March proposal, and some agree that removing the pavilion from the plan altogether could do more to prevent any potential problems related to public events than the limits we've proposed would. But the organizations planning the campground seemed to feel strongly that the pavilion was an important part of the plan and they didn't want to delete it. I personally feel that the limits we proposed instead are an acceptable compromise, assuming the organizations involved agree and they're formalized and enforced.