Reposting a note from Doug Ferguson from another thread, FYI:

The Upper Dickie Barr isn't open to climbing as of yet.

The GCC still has more work to do before Minnewaska officially opens the area to the climbing community. We have done cliff surveys of the area, routes, vegetation studies, trails flagging, sensitive vegetation concerns, anchor bolting considerations, trail construction, and placing water bars on the main Bullwheel Trail. About 30 routes exist in this area ranging from 5.3 to 5.12 with a ton of mid range 5.10's.

The Access Fund has a trail crew working on the area this weekend if you would like to volunteer to help with fixing the road. They are working both Saturday and Sunday this weekend. It would be extremely helpful if the climbing community respected Minnewaska by not climbing in this area until it is completely open to the climbing. It won't be long before it's open so a little patience and possibly some helping hands to finish the work that needs to be accomplished will be all that it takes.

Doug Ferguson