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They are worth looking at and will confirm that the preserve is trying to use the pavilion for gatherings of 380 people with unlimited frequency.

Through out this thread, a figure of 280 has been cited, including by you. Now it's 380? When will you bump it up to an even 500? Please tell us this was a typo and not an exaggeration intended to inflame.


We understand it's hard for you to really know what's going on in the Gunks being that you're from Sandy Utah and have no stake in the outcome. But once again we will try and walk you through this. The 280 figure was an earlier figure that the Mohonk preserve used in an earlier meeting with neighbors and the 380 figure is a later proposal that the attorney for the neighbors Responds to in his letter to Glenn Hoagland and Jim Hall based on a more recent meeting. You got it now?

Thanks, MPNA
The MPNA is an advocacy group for adjacent neighbors of the Mohonk Preserve. In the event of a dispute with the Mohonk Preserve, we can offer assistance in obtaining experts in the following areas; Surveying, Lawyers, Title, expert witnesses, ancient document research, and Maps.