The 280 figure was an earlier figure that the Mohonk preserve used in an earlier meeting with neighbors and the 380 figure is a later proposal that the attorney for the neighbors Responds to in his letter to Glenn Hoagland and Jim Hall based on a more recent meeting. You got it now?

Yes I do - as you've told us here, its hearsay from unreliable sources. Thanks MPNA!

Rather, they've asked only for limits on public events at the pavilion especially ones bringing non-campers to the site including their size, frequency, etc.

I hope we can all agree with Susan that this is a good idea.

Here is what the plan actually says about the pavilion (Chapter 6):
A small bathhouse with showers, toilets and laundry facilities will be constructed in this general entrance area, along with a small attached pavilion. A fire ring for patron use will be installed adjacent to this pavilion, since individual campfires at each campsite will be prohibited.

I'm guessing that the usage estimates being thrown around are in some way multiplying the maximum possible number of guests per site with the total number of sites to be built.