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Its my understanding that PIPC owns the campground but the Preserve and the AAC plan to jointly administer it.

Yes, that was pretty much as it was earlier presented. I clarify my point. That is, there has been no recent mention of the AAC's current role. The AAC has a strong record in regard to this type of facility based on their track record with the Climber's Ranch in the Teton's. If they are still going to be involved with the new campground, responsible for onsite management with the MP, then I believe that many of the concerns shared with the local residents will be non-issues. This campground plan is nothing like what existed previously at the MUA.

Regarding possible noise or traffic issues at the new campground's pavilion during such events that the PIPC or MP might hold there, have there been issues with such events held at the Spring Farm pavilion?

Not a very good argument Rick as both the spring farm pavilion and the climbers ranch at the Tetons have No neighbors.......,
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